IMI GALIL assault rifle 5.56×45mm NATO

The IMI Galil assault rifle chambered in the 5.56×45mm NATO round, is renowned for its robust design and reliable performance in shooting scenarios. Initially crafted in the late 1960s by Israel Military Industries (now Israel Weapon Industries), the Galil was forged to enhance shooting capabilities by addressing deficiencies in the Israeli Defence Forces' older Kalashnikov and M16 rifles. It saw combat deployment in the 1970s and has since proven its mettle in various shooting scenarios worldwide.

Chování a konstrukce

The Galil boasts a milled steel receiver, ensuring resilience in intense shooting environments. Known for its precision shooting and dependable performance, this rifle offers firing options in semi-automatic, automatic, or burst-fire modes, giving users flexibility for diverse shooting conditions.

Oblasti využití

Employed by multiple countries and entities such as Israel, Colombia, and several African nations, the IMI Galil has found application in military operations, law enforcement engagements, and shooting activities among civilians. Its adaptability and robust construction make it a favoured choice in various shooting environments.

Zajímavá fakta

The Galil's design draws inspiration from the Finnish RK62 rifle, which is itself a variant of the iconic Soviet AK-47, enhancing its shooting capabilities. Noteworthy is its distinctive carrying handle, which doubles as a rear sight for improved shooting accuracy. Moreover, certain Galil models can be altered to utilize AK-47 magazines, showcasing its shooting versatility and compatibility with existing shooting gear.

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TypSemi-automatic assault rifle
Typ náboje5.56×45mm NATO
Kapacita30 shots
SystémGas-operated, rotating bolt
Hmotnost4 kg (9lb)
Délka85 cm (33in) or 615 cm (24in) with folded stock
Úsťová rychlost900 m/s (2,953 ft/s)
Účinný dostřel410 m (450 yd)
Rate of fire650 rounds/min
Místo původuIsrael
VýrobceIMI (Israel Military Industries)
KonstruktérYisrael Galili
Ve službě1972–present