Glock 19

The Glock 19 pistol in 9mm Luger is a renowned firearm with a fascinating history. Developed by Austrian manufacturer Glock GmbH in the early 1980s, the Glock 19 quickly became popular among law enforcement agencies, military units, and civilian gun owners worldwide. Its innovative design and reliability set new benchmarks for semi-automatic pistols.

Chování a konstrukce

The Glock 19's construction and behaviour are characterized by simplicity and cutting-edge engineering. Constructed primarily of polymer, this pistol is lightweight and durable, making it comfortable to carry and shoot. Known for its consistent trigger pull and low recoil, the Glock 19 offers excellent accuracy and quick follow-up shots, ideal for self-defence, target shooting, and concealed carry.

Oblasti využití

The Glock 19 pistol is widely used in various fields, including law enforcement, military applications, and civilian self-defence. Law enforcement agencies appreciate its reliability and ease of maintenance, while military units value its performance in combat situations. Civilian gun owners often choose the Glock 19 for its versatility, suitability for personal protection, and competitive shooting.

Zajímavá fakta

An interesting fact about the Glock 19 is its iconic status in the firearms industry. As part of the Glock "Safe Action" series, this pistol features a unique trigger safety system that contributes to its reputation for being safe and easy to operate. Additionally, the Glock 19's modular design allows for customization with various accessories and upgrades, enhancing its appeal to gun enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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Typ náboje9 mm Luger
Kapacita15 nábojů
SystémShort recoil, locked breech, tilting barrel
Hmotnost625 g
Délka19 cm
Úsťová rychlost375 m/s
Účinný dostřel50 m
Místo původuRakousko
VýrobceGlock Ges.m.b.H.
KonstruktérGaston Glock
Ve službě1982–dosud