IŽ 12 shotgun 16/70

The IŽ 12 shotgun in 16/70 gauge is a well-known firearm with a rich history in the world of shooting. Originating from the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant in Russia, the IŽ 12 has been popular among hunters and shooting enthusiasts since its introduction. Renowned for its reliability and durability, this shotgun has stood the test of time and continues to be a favourite among those seeking a dependable firearm for various shooting applications.

Chování a konstrukce

Constructed with a robust steel receiver and a smoothbore barrel, the IŽ 12 shotgun is designed to deliver consistent performance in shooting scenarios. Its reliable action and straightforward design make it easy to handle, while its effective patterning ensures accuracy and power with each shot fired. Whether for hunting, sporting clays, or home defence, the IŽ 12 excels in various shooting contexts, providing users with a versatile and dependable weapon for their needs.

Oblasti využití

The IŽ 12 shotgun finds its field of use primarily in hunting and sporting activities, where its effectiveness in shooting moving targets is highly valued. With its smooth action and reliable firing mechanism, this shotgun is ideal for various types of game hunting, including birds, small game, and even larger animals. Additionally, the IŽ 12's versatility makes it popular for clay shooting sports such as skeet, trap, and sporting clays, where precision shooting and consistent performance are essential.

Zajímavá fakta

An interesting feature of the IŽ 12 shotgun is its enduring popularity and reputation for ruggedness and performance. Known for its robust construction and reliable shooting capabilities, this firearm has become a staple among hunters and shooting sports enthusiasts worldwide. Furthermore, the IŽ 12 has seen numerous variations and modifications over the years, reflecting its evolution to meet the changing needs of shooters. With a legacy of reliable performance and versatility, the IŽ 12 shotgun remains a timeless firearm appreciated for its quality craftsmanship and shooting prowess.

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Price for 5 shots 400 Kč / 16 €

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TypHunting rifle
Typ náboje16/70
Hmotnost3,3 kg
Délka115 cm
Místo původuSSSR (today Russia)
VýrobceIževskij Mechaničeskij závod Iževsk SSSR