Izmash Tigr SVD Dragunov sniper rifle 7.62x54mmR

The Izmash Tigr SVD Dragunov is a civilian version of the famous Dragunov. It is steeped in a rich history that dates back to the Soviet Union in the 1960s. Crafted by the renowned arms designer Yevgeny Dragunov, this legendary sniper rifle was specifically engineered to serve as a designated marksman's rifle for the Soviet military. The firearm's roots intertwine with a legacy of precision, reliability, and functionality, impacting the world of firearms.

Chování a konstrukce

The Izmash Tigr SVD SVD Dragunov boasts exceptional behaviour and construction characteristics that set it apart from other rifles. Its semi-automatic functionality allows for swift follow-up shots without compromising accuracy. Chambered in the potent 7.62x54mmR calibre, its gas-operated system ensures seamless operation and enduring performance in diverse environments. Adjustable iron sights and a side-mounted optic rail enhance the shooter's ability to achieve precision at extended ranges. At the same time, its wooden stock provides recoil absorption and ergonomic comfort.

Oblasti využití

The versatility and reliability of the Izmash Tigr SVD SVD Dragunov have been utilized across various fields. Initially designed for military applications, this rifle has found a place in civilian use for hunting and long-range shooting sports. Impressively accurate, it has become a coveted choice for competitive shooting events, sniper competitions, and enthusiasts seeking superior performance and historical significance. Its blend of functionality and aesthetics continues to captivate users in professional and recreational settings.

Zajímavá fakta

Beyond its technical prowess, the Izmash Tigr SVD SVD Dragunov harbours intriguing aspects that highlight its appeal. The rifle's iconic design, characterized by a sleek wooden stock and lengthy barrel, has cemented its status as a symbol of Russian firearm engineering. While based on military roots, the civilian variant, the Izmash Tigr SVD, retains many features of its predecessor, offering users a taste of its legendary performance outside the battlefield. This enduring legacy and reputation have made the IZHMASH TIGR SVD Dragunov a sought-after firearm worldwide.

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