The Karabiner 98 kurz (K98k) rifle, chambered in 7.92×57mm Mauser, holds a significant place in firearms history as the standard rifle of the German military during World War II. Introduced in the late 1930s, the K98k was a shortened and lighter version of the Gewehr 98 rifle. It became renowned for its accuracy, reliability, and robust design, earning a reputation as one of the finest bolt-action rifles of its time. The K98k played a pivotal role in various military campaigns and remains an iconic symbol of the German infantry during the war.

Chování a konstrukce

Built with precision and attention to detail, the K98k rifle is known for its solid construction and consistent shooting behaviour. Featuring a bolt-action mechanism, the rifle offers a smooth and reliable cycling process, enhancing shooting accuracy. Firing the powerful 7.92×57mm Mauser cartridge, it delivers significant stopping power and long-range shooting capability. The K98k's ergonomic stock, adjustable iron sights, and robust barrel contribute to its exceptional shooting performance in the hands of a skilled marksman.

Oblasti využití

The field of use for the Karabiner 98 kurz rifle spanned across diverse combat environments during World War II. German soldiers relied on the K98k for accurate shooting at medium to long ranges, making it an essential weapon in infantry engagements. Its versatility and firepower made it effective for various military operations, from defensive trench warfare to offensive manoeuvres. The rifle's ruggedness and simplicity of operation ensured its widespread deployment among German forces on multiple fronts, showcasing its reliability in combat scenarios.

Zajímavá fakta

An interesting fact about the K98k rifle is its enduring popularity among firearm collectors and enthusiasts. Revered for its historical significance and craftsmanship, the K98k is highly sought after for its shooting accuracy and iconic design. Many post-war military surplus K98k rifles found their way to civilian markets, where they became prized possessions for shooting sports enthusiasts. The rifle's distinctive features, such as its Mauser action and unmistakable profile, have contributed to its status as a prized collectable firearm, embodying a chapter of military history and technological innovation.

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TypSemi-automatic rifle
Typ náboje7.92×57mm Mauser
Kapacita5 rounds
Hmotnost4 kg (8,5 lb)
Délka110 cm (44 in)
Úsťová rychlost760 m/s (2,500 ft/s)
Účinný dostřel≥1,000 m (1,090 yd)
Místo původuGermany
Vyrobeno14,6 mil.