SCCY CPX-2 pistol 9mm Luger

The SCCY CPX-1 pistol in 9mm Luger has a relatively short but interesting history in the firearm market. Introduced by SCCY Industries in 2003, this compact handgun was designed as a budget-friendly yet reliable option for concealed carry and personal protection.

Chování a konstrukce

Constructed with a lightweight polymer frame and a steel slide, the SCCY CPX-1 offers a sturdy build that can withstand regular shooting activities. Its double-action trigger mechanism provides consistent firing performance with a smooth pull, contributing to its reputation for reliability and accuracy.

Oblasti využití

Due to its compact size and ease of use, the SCCY CPX-1 is primarily used by civilians for concealed carry and personal defence. With its 10-round magazine capacity and comfortable grip, this pistol is well-suited for self-defence scenarios or as a backup weapon for law enforcement personnel.

Zajímavá fakta

An interesting feature of the SCCY CPX-1 is its patented recoil cushion that mitigates felt recoil, making it more comfortable to shoot for extended periods. This innovation and its affordable price point have made the SCCY CPX-1 a popular choice for shooters looking for a reliable and budget-friendly firearm for everyday carry.

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Price for 9 shots 300 Kč / 12 €

You can add SCCY CPX-1 as an extra gun to a package, purchase more shots, or even build your own package from scratch. To add SCCY CPX-1 as an extra or add more shots, please note that in your booking. If you’d like to build your own package, please contact us.

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TypSemi-automatic pistol
Typ náboje9mm Luger
Kapacita10 shots
SystémDouble action
Hmotnost425 g (0,9 lb)
Délka15 cm (6 in)
Místo původuUSA, Florida
VýrobceSCCY Industries, LLC