SCCY CPX-2 pistol 9mm Luger

The SCCY CPX-2 pistol, firing a 9mm Luger round, has a background in shooting applications. Developed by SCCY Industries, this handgun entered the market as an affordable and reliable choice for shooters looking for a concealed carry and personal defence solution, hitting the scene in the early 2000s.

Chování a konstrukce

Crafted with a durable polymer frame and a robust steel slide, the SCCY CPX-2 demonstrates a resilient build capable of withstanding regular shooting sessions. Its double-action trigger setup delivers consistent shooting performance and is lauded for its smooth pull and reliability. This enhances its accuracy and suitability for various shooting scenarios.

Oblasti využití

Frequently utilized by civilians seeking a compact and lightweight firearm for shooting purposes, the SCCY CPX-2 is a go-to option for everyday carry and personal protection needs. Boasting a 10-round magazine capacity and an ergonomic design, this pistol excels in concealed carry situations, making it a top choice for shooters prioritizing self-defence.

Zajímavá fakta

The SCCY CPX-2's unique, customizable trigger guard lock is noteworthy, providing an added layer of safety. This feature enables shooters to secure the trigger, preventing accidental firing and enhancing safety protocols during storage or when the handgun is not in active shooting use. This distinctive element underscores SCCY's dedication to delivering practical and shooter-friendly firearms for a wide range of shooting enthusiasts.

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Price for 9 shots 300 Kč / 12 €

You can add SCCY CPX-2 as an extra gun to a package, purchase more shots, or even build your own package from scratch. To add SCCY CPX-2 as an extra or add more shots, please note that in your booking. If you’d like to build your own package, please contact us.

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TypSemi-automatic pistol
Typ náboje9mm Luger
Kapacita10+1 shots
SystémDouble action
Hmotnost425 g (0,9 lb)
Délka15 cm (6 in)
Místo původuUSA, Florida
VýrobceSCCY Industries, LLC