SDM 870

The SDM M870 Front Unit pump-action shotgun 12/76, initially designed by Remington, has a rich history dating back to its introduction in 1950. It quickly gained popularity amongst law enforcement and civilians alike for its reliability and versatility in various shooting scenarios. Over the years, the M870 has undergone several modifications and improvements to enhance its performance.

Chování a konstrukce

Constructed with a solid steel receiver, synthetic or wooden stock, and smooth pump action, the M870 boasts a durable build that can withstand heavy use. Its pump action mechanism allows quick and efficient reloading, making it a preferred choice for close-range shooting and home defence. With a 12-gauge chamber capable of handling 76mm shells, the M870 delivers formidable firepower with each shot.

Oblasti využití

The SDM M870 Front Unit pump-action shotgun 12/76 finds its primary field of use in law enforcement, military operations, hunting, and sports shooting. Its versatility in handling different types of shotgun ammunition makes it suitable for various purposes, from crowd control to bird hunting. The M870's reliability in challenging environments and ease of use have solidified it as a go-to firearm for many enthusiasts.

Zajímavá fakta

An interesting fact about the M870 is its widespread adoption by military and police worldwide, attesting to its reputation as a dependable firearm. Additionally, the shotgun's distinctive pump action sound has become iconic in popular culture, often portrayed in movies and television shows. As a versatile and reliable weapon, the SDM M870 Front Unit pump-action shotgun 12/76 continues to maintain its status as a classic firearm in the shooting community.

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TypSemi-automatic shotgun
Typ náboje12/76 Magnum
Kapacita5 rounds
Hmotnost3,3 kg (7 lb)
Délka83 cm (33 in)
Místo původuChina
VýrobceSino Defense Manufacturing (SDM)