Taurus 1911

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Price for 5 shots 300 Kč / 12 €

You can add Taurus 1911 as an extra gun to a package, purchase more shots, or even build your own package from scratch. To add Taurus 1911 as an extra or add more shots, please note that in your booking. If you’d like to build your own package, please contact us.

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TypSemi-automatic pistol
Typ náboje.45 ACP
Kapacita8 rounds
SystémSingle action
Hmotnost1,1 kg (2,2 lb)
Délka22 cm (8,5 in)
Úsťová rychlost253 m/s (830 ft/s)
Účinný dostřel50 m (160 ft)
Místo původuBrazil
VýrobceTaurus Armas
Ve služběsince 2005